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Entry #2

My Newgrounds audio portal myspace.

2008-08-25 23:28:54 by sorryhalofreak

Times have changed

My Newgrounds audio portal myspace.


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2008-09-10 17:29:15

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sorryhalofreak responds:

whats your point?


2008-09-14 10:07:31

His point is he loves you.


2009-06-09 08:10:35

His point is no one cares about ur lamespace


2009-06-24 01:36:47

B-but I didn't request anything D:

Just kidding, that's fine XD Thanks for adding Trump Card Alteisen up there =)

sorryhalofreak responds:

Ya i use to add the author name and all that. But it got to be really annoying. I credited newgrounds in every way i can. They can look you up here.